Frequently Asked Questions

We typically provide tips everyday besides Sundays. We don’t provide tips just for the sake of tipping though (as this would be doing our members an injustice). We will provide tips where there is value. Weather & lack of talent and/or value may affect some tip days but much more often than not, we tip Monday to Saturday.

Firstly, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Please remember this every time you are placing a bet. We strongly suggest everyone to use a strategic bankroll management strategy to help minimise losses.
Generally, each stake may be around but not exceed 5%-10% of your totally betting pool e.g. if you have $1,000 in your betting bankroll, any one bet should be no more than $100. This style of betting bankroll management helps protect you from losing too much in one bet.

There are never any extra changes with our services. The general membership fees cover all costs. There are no joining or cancellation fees and each membership grants full access to tips, our Facebook members forum & any promotions we run from time to time.

Yes! We have no lock in contracts or cancellation fees. You can cancel your membership at anytime through your accounts page on our site or you can contact us to cancel. After your current subscription period ends you will no longer be a member and payments will cease.

Our job is to look hard and deep into each race and assess the odds against every variable on that race day – we take this job very seriously. Where the books/price assessors get the odds wrong (they get it wrong quite often) we make sure our members are informed.

In short, we do. When we are in a position to make a tip against a predictably wet track, we will.
Occasionally the weather can be unpredictable. We strongly suggest to our members to not bet on our tips if the track grade changes by 2 or more grades from the release of tips.
High winds and notable rainfall strongly affect the outcomes of races. We watch & warn where possible.

Defy The Odd’s transparency & open engagement with members is well-known. It is one of the main reason why our members are so loyal to us. We provide a staking method that works well with all tips. You can also view all results in the past result section.

It’s horse racing, so of course not. There are so many variables on the horses & jockeys. Any one week or month can have a losing stretch. Fortunately over extended periods of times we have a winning record. We have more winning days than losing days & our win days pay out a lot more than our losing days lose.

Sometimes it is just as important who you place your punt with as it is which horse you are picking. Find below who we bet with and recommend.
*Please stay away from shady sites or any sites you may have never heard of before offering deals or odds that are too good to be true!

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